36th Annual Open Exhibition // 2 December 2020 - 31 January 2021

This much-loved show usually receives around 250 entries but this year the response has seen an explosion in entries with over 900 artworks by artists of all backgrounds from across the UK. The pandemic means that this year the exhibition has gone online.

Every submission to the Annual Open is shown in this democratic and inclusive exhibition, there is no selection panel; we all show together. This highly visible platform provides enables artists to reach a wider audience, whilst increasing sales opportunities.

Whether you're looking for that special gift or building your own art collection - here you'll find artworks to keep and love forever. Every purchase you make supports artists and Southwark Park Galleries to stay OPEN and FREE for everyone.

With thanks to sponsors Breckman & Company for providing a ‘Best in Show’ prize of £500 to one artist, selected by Welsh artist Bedwyr Williams (in advance of his major touring commission at Southwark Park  Galleries and across Wales in 2021-22).

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Bedwyr Williams // Highly Commended

Category image credits //
  • Sculpture: Beatrice Galletley // Shape Shifter (2020)
  • Photography: Ning Zhou // Only Dreams Matter 02, 2020
  • Animals: Lydia Blakeley // Christmas Pudding (2020)
  • Painting: Sara Kerry // Manger des pêches (2019)
  • Abstract: Richard McConnell // Double Oxford Bob (2020)
  • Print: Wei Wang // Conservation of Energy: Secrets in Dreams (2020)
  • Drawing: Tom Sewell // Mushroom I (2020)
  • Portrait: Mischa Haller // 04 New Normal (2020)
  • Lockdown: Graham Fagen // Lockdown Rainbow (21) - 2020
  • Nature: Jem Finer // Field (2019)
  • Citscape: Jennifer Wood // Near Diocletian’s Palace, Split Croatia (2019)
  • Still Life: Louise Ward // A Vase of Flowers, Brodiaea and Agapanthus
  • Banner Images: 34th Annual Open Exhibition. Installation view at Southwark Park Galleries 2017. Photo: Phil Polgaze, courtesy the artists.