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Peter Liversidge // Horse on West 37th Street (2017)

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Peter Liversidge // Horse on West 37th Street (2017)

Horse on West 37th Street was produced in celebration of Peter Liversidge's exhibition As Sculpture at Southwark Park Galleries in 2017.

Peter Liversidge writes proposals for exhibitions and projects that range from the simple to the impossible. All proposals start in the same way, as a typed A4 piece of paper. Liversidge says of his proposals that: “…it's important that some of the proposals are actually realised, but no more so that the others that remain only as typed text on a piece of A4 paper.”

He experiments with the idea of what is possible, as an individual and within a group, often realised as objects, performances, happenings or simple interventions. The re-contextualising of work is key to Liversidge’s renowned approach to proposal writing, be it historical, architectural or placement, the context is as much the work as the work itself.

Digital pigment print, 150gsm
Edition of 50, signed and numbered by the artist on the reverse
42 x 60cm
£100 Inc. VAT, sold unframed.

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