Richard Wilson RA // Turning the Place Over (2007-2012)

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Richard Wilson RA // Turning the Place Over (2007-2012)

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Hahnemuhle Bright White 310gms

42.0 x 59.4cm

Edition of 25, sold unframed.

About the edition

This new edition by Richard Wilson RA was generously commissioned and donated to Southwark Park Galleries by Bob Pain, Founder-Director of Omnicolour as part of their 25th-anniversary celebrations in 2018. 

Richard Wilson is an early member of the Bermondsey Artists' Group, our artist membership, and remains a supportive artist neighbour and friend. 

The edition storyboards a sequence of positions from Wilson's incredible site-specific installation Turning the Place Over (2007-2012) in Liverpool city centre. 

The work consists of a vast 8m diameter ovoid section of the facade of a disused building in Liverpool.  The facade was cut away by Wilson to enable its rotation.

The ovoid section of façade was then mounted on a central spindle, aligned on a specific angle to the building. When at rest the ovoid section of façade would fit flush into the rest of the building. The angled spindle was however placed on a set of powerful motorised industrial rollers.  As it rotated, the facade would oscillate into the building and out into the street, revealing the interior of the building, and only become flush with the building at one point during its rotation. The work created an acute sense of disorientation and sense of danger for the viewer and passer by as the architecture physically encroaches on them as they walked down the street. This work was commissioned by the Liverpool Biennial as a lead work for Liverpool's Year of Culture in 2008 and was intended to run for just 1 year.

In recent years I’ve become much more aware of the social aspects of sites and their histories, as well as their physical characteristics, and how this might influence the work I make. I’ve also become more aware that there are themes that recur all the time in my work, like the idea of things becoming redundant and how you can reanimate them, give them new life and meaning. Richard Wilson, 2019. 

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