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Two Peacocks: A Department Store

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Two Peacocks: A Department Store

Situated inside the urban sprawl of a culture that sells just about everything, we lose ourselves and find something to buy instead.

Two Peacocks questions the marketing of art and the art of marketing. Each one merges into the other as we try to wade through the difference between desire for material comfort and desire for art. Art and Design have always been considered our way of expressing our unique and spiritual self, but at what point does it move away from that thing called shopping. This collision, offered by Two Peacocks, suggests our relationship with the material and the divine is muddled at best. Helen Baker

Two Peacocks: A Department Store was an exhibition at Gallery North, Newcastle upon Tyne, that examined the fictional narratives offered by consumer culture and was organised by the artist John Walter.

Published in 2011, hardcover, 80 pages, 22cm x 16cm

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