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The Watch Man // Balnakiel // Shona Illingworth

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The Watch Man // Balnakiel // Shona Illingworth

This publication resolves around two key works by the artist Shona Illingsworth. Made one after the other between 2006 and 2009, the video and sound installations, 'The Watch Man' and 'Balnakiel' are highly personal but extraordinary resonant studies of memory, history and place that examine the damage that is done to the pschye by the experience of war and the equally pervasive and insiduous marks that have been left on the physical landscape by the presence of the military. These two companion pieces have also been informed by a rich exchange between the artist and the cognitive neuro-psychologist Professor Martin A. Conway. Developed over a number of years, this ongoing dialogue has illuminated both the deep-seated influence and the complex and dynamic processes of memory as well as its temporal dimesion.

Published by Film and Video Umbrella, 2014, hardcover, 172 pages, 25cm x 20.9cm

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