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FROM THE KITCHEN TABLE // Drew Gallery Projects 1984 - 90

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FROM THE KITCHEN TABLE // Drew Gallery Projects 1984 - 90

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Published by Southwark Park Galleries (formerly CGP London) to accompany the touring exhibition From the Kitchen Table: Drew Gallery Projects 1984 – 90 

This large-scale exhibition bought together original commissions, related works and archive material by over 30 artists originating from Australian curator Sandra Drew's ground-breaking public-realm exhibitions and actions staged in and around Canterbury throughout the 1980s. 

From the Kitchen Table highlights Sandra’s revolutionary take on public art, site-specificity, and feminist sculptural practice. 

This publication features: 

Professor Terry Perk

Introduction Judith Carlton, Director of CGP London

The Edge Of Acceptability John Carson

“You Couldn’t Do This In London!” A conversation between Sandra Drew and Terry Perk

Reflections On An (‘Archive’) Edward Chell

Women’s Sculpture In The 1980s And The Drew Gallery Projects Thalia Allington-Wood

A Promenade Sharon Kivland

Artists’ Voices Judith Ahern, Phyllida Barlow, Hamish Black, Sarah Bradpiece, John Cobb, Jody Culkin, Mark Dunhill, Catherine Elwes, Bonita Ely, Rose English, Laura Ford, Hamish Fulton, Shelby Fitzpatrick, Neville Gabie, Rose Garrard, Bruce Gilchrist, Adrian Hall, Jason Hartcup, David Haste, Andy Hazell, Wendy Howard, Tina Keane, Rob Kesseler, Sharon Kivland, David Mach, Euphemia MacTavish, Katharine Meynell, Joanna Mowbray, Jayne Parker, Richard Rome, Mira Schor, Kumiko Shimizu, Maryrose Sinn, Yoko Terauchi, Marion Urch, Alison Wilding, Maeve Woods, Julia Wood, Ellen Woolf, Jerilea Zempel.

Edited by Sandra Drew and Georgie Scott.

Paperback, 143 pages, 299 x 268mm

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