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The Slave's Lament // Graham Fagen

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The Slave's Lament // Graham Fagen

A special limited edition 12" vinyl record, edition 2 of The Slave’s Lament, signed and numbered by the artist.

'The Slave’s Lament is a re-working of the Robert Burns song of the same name, first published in 1792. My version is a five-channel audio-video work featuring the singer Ghetto Priest and musicians from the Scottish Ensemble. It is produced by Adrian Sherwood and composed by Sally Beamish. The Slave’s Lament was Robert Burns’ only work to empathise with the hurt of displaced, trafficked and enslaved people. For me, the artwork is a way to start a conversation about the amnesia and the hypocrisy of the history of the slave trade. For Ghetto Priest, it is 'to be the voice, to represent over 800 million souls'. Graham Fagan

Side A // The Slave's Lament (Installation version)
Side AA // The Slave's Lament (Song version) and DUB (Roselle)

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