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Ron Henocq // Priority Seat (2015)

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Ron Henocq // Priority Seat (2015)

Henocq’s works span his private journeys both domestically and internationally; charting his daily life as an artist in London whilst documenting his passion for travel and adventure, a visual diary set amongst a diverse range of scenic backdrops including Tobago, Cork, Berlin, Mexico, New York, Morocco, Crete and London.

Ron Henocq has been widely known as the founding Director of Southwark Park Galleries (1984 - 2015) and the Bermondsey Artists' Group. Privately however, Henocq, since graduating from The Slade School of Fine Art in 1973, has continued to practice across mediums such as printmaking, photography, film, collage and drawing.

Digital print
Edition of 50

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Small (228 x 178mm) £24 Inc. VAT, sold unframed.

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