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Influences // Brian Griffin

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Influences // Brian Griffin

This publication is not organized in chronological order but looks to the influences that have shaped Brian Griffin's artistic vision throughout his works. These are certainly diverse: His childhood in the Black Country, the Cold War, Expressionism, Surrealism, the paintings of Casper David Friedrich, the books of Franz Kafka and the films of Jacques Tati, the Social Realism of Communism and Fascism, the religious paintings of earlier centuries and finally Iceland, which the artist has taken to his heart in the last few years.

As with Griffin's other self-published books, it sits alone in its eccentricity, with the design influenced by the book of Common Prayer. A book of love and devotion, embracing the talents of his wife.

Self published, 2005, 176 pages
Limited Edition numbered, 14.5 x 11cm with white leather covered paperback in purple felt slipcase

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